Susan Gable was born with a book in her hand. Okay, maybe not quite, luckily for her mom. But she grabbed one soon afterwards, and hasn’t been able to put them down ever since. Her high school classmates even voted her Class Bookworm.

With a love of reading and school, it seemed only natural that she became either a teacher or a writer—and now she’s been both. In New Jersey, Susan taught elementary school for nine years before relocating to Pennsylvania. Sharing her joy for reading and books with children was her favorite thing about being a teacher.

After one crazy year of homeschooling her son (Susan tips her hat to those who can homeschool successfully) she discovered writing as a way to regain her lost sanity—and it was cheaper than therapy.

Although she’d always enjoyed writing stories in school, keeping a journal, and writing poetry as an adolescent (you know, the angsty teenage poetry) she’d never really considered a career as a writer. She began by writing fanfiction (stories centered around characters/worlds already created by someone else—for example, Star Trek stories, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) and was bitten by the writing bug. Stories just poured from her fingers.

After six months, she realized romance kept cropping up in her stories, and decided to get serious about “this writing thing.” She began her first romance in February of 2000, and got THE CALL from Harlequin SuperromanceŽ two years later, in February of 2002. Her first book, THE BABY PLAN, was released in December of 2002, and was a Rita Finalist for Best First Book as well as collecting several other awards. Susan loves being on the other side of the book, being the person to bring the story to life, to create characters she hopes will stay in the reader’s mind long after they finish reading the book.

Susan invites you to visit her website.

Whose Child?, May 2004
The Mommy Plan, August 2003