All my friends can say is ‘ain’t it a shame.’

Long, long poker day my friends. And for some damn reason I’m still up at 4:40 AM. I’m sleepy enough that it took 400 thumbjams on the “print screen” function to discover that it wouldn’t work on my UB tourney. I’m wired enough that I’ve just shaken the wife awake to tell her about a poker tournament. I live a pathetic life.

But good news dear reader

It’s been a fantastic day. I left work early after finishing a special story for the May ratings book about the BadBlood clan playing online sbo poker. It turned out great and I’ll post a bit when the thing airs.

Best part : Bad Blood chides his 5 year old after the kid knocks daddy out of the game…ON A CHECK-RAISE!

The guy has great kids.

I got home early enough to play a 5PM 5+.50 on UB. 388 players in a “turbo” format. Normally I hate those things but this was another case of G-Rob wants to play without reading the directions. For 30 years I’ve thought you got money for landing on “Free Parking” for exactly the same reason.

Anyhoo….I finished 3rd.

Net profit $210.00

Surely the Bad Beats are Coming??!

Sort of. You knew they would.

At about 7:00 the charming Mrs. Blood pops up in Yahoo IM. She invites me to a local $20 tournamet which, of course, I attended. After flopped set over flopped set…..runner runner flush over flopped top pair….and etc. etc….you get the deal.

HAND OF THE NIGHT : Bad Blood in the BB calls and all-in from the SB

Bad Blood shows 7,7

SB shows QQ

Bad Blood catches the runner runner runner runner straight.


God I’m glad I asked. I tried my luck at the 1AM $30+3…again on UB. 177 players…I finished 3rd…AGAIN.

But the good news is…

Net Profit :$730




I sometimes suck less than I think.

Aladdin Casino Classic Professional Invites

Well, I’m not sure we’ve gotten very far in securing a few famous faces for our Aladdin Casino Classic in June. So, I’m going to reach out to a contact who might be able to secure some invites for us.

With that in mind, I need to know who you want to play with. Leave your top-5 list in the comments. I’ll build a composite list and get it to my contact and we’ll see what happens!

Raped at the Doublewide

Thank god this is figuratively speaking… although in south Louisiana, you can never tell.

Although if it’s gonna happen, at least the Hilton Sisters were involved…