Why would a former bank vice president and advertising agency executive become a romance novelist? “Selling women a sense of their own self worth beats hyping checking accounts or washing machines any day,” Jan says of her newest—and third—career. “Plus, I’m a sucker for happy endings.”

Jan is proud to write in a genre that presents a hopeful view of life without diminishing its hardships. Her heroines are “strong, gutsy women who safeguard traditional values against all odds—sort of John- Wayne-in-pantyhose types.” She is thrilled that her release, ONE TOUGH TEXAN, joined LaVyrle Spencer’s Sweet Memories for a 2-in-1 book released as a Harlequin 50th Year Anniversary Limited Edition in July 1999.

“In 1991, I finished reading The Gamble by LaVyrle Spencer, turned to my husband with a misty smile and announced I was going to write a romance novel. She had given me such a rich, heart-warming reading experience that I was inspired to try and do the same for others. Being paired with my idol is an immense honor. I feel as if I’ve come full circle.”

Jan is now an award-winning author in her own right. She lives near Houston with a wonderful husband and two busy teenagers who’ve learned that “laundry is a dirty job, but somebody besides Mom has to do it when I’m on deadline.”

The Gift of Christmas, November 2002