Ann Evans

A life-long procrastinator, Ann Evans spent twenty years polishing up the same story. With a loving push from friends and family, she finally walked into a local Romance Writers of America meeting to find out how to submit her work to a publisher. “I almost couldn’t do it. I’m irrationally intimidated by women in hats, and one […]

Roz Denny Fox

a.k.a. Roz Denny for Harlequin Romance and Roz Denny Fox for Harlequin Superromance A secretary by trade, Roz began her writing career in 1986 by free-lancing a series of self-help articles. She sold a short story in 1987 and after much prodding from her then high school age daughter, began to try her hand at […]

Jan Freed

Why would a former bank vice president and advertising agency executive become a romance novelist? “Selling women a sense of their own self worth beats hyping checking accounts or washing machines any day,” Jan says of her newest—and third—career. “Plus, I’m a sucker for happy endings.” Jan is proud to write in a genre that […]

Darlene Graham

Darlene Graham says that having witnessed birth, death and “everything in between” helps her put a lot of emotion into her novels. Darlene practiced as a registered nurse in Labor and Delivery and then in Oncology for twenty years before she decided to translate all that real-life drama into romantic fiction. “Even though I write […]

Rogenna Brewer

When an aptitude test labeled her suited for librarian or clergy, Rogenna joined the Navy. It was off to bootcamp, followed by her first duty station, NAS Midway Island. She started in the CO’s office and gravitated toward the Chaplain’s where duties included operating the base library. “You can see where I’m going with this. […]

The Significance of Search Engine Optimisation for your Playable Ads Html5 business

    Many businesses find that selling themselves online is a challenging task. For those small businesses selling their products and services through the internet, there has not been any other good resources for local marketing. The internet has truly become the inherent entity all over the world and though it has provided benefits in […]