…and it’s been a long time since I lifted anything heavier than a pint glass.

The good folks at Guinness and Poker hosted the World Poker Blogger Tour II tonight over at True Poker.

And honestly, surely to goodness and mercy, I thought I’d be among the first out. I mean, really, I only contribute to this poker blog while maintaining Rapid Eye Reality for all my other ramblings.

I must have cheated.

Twenty-eight players began the $20+2 tournament. The tourney paid five places. After surprising myself and my dog (good luck mutt, she is) by finding slothoki at the final table, I also found myself in danger of busting out on the bubble. I didn’t want to do that.

Then, I started catching cards. Hand after hand, I caught. I caught a few quick hands against the formidable Pauly McGrupp. Other players would later say Pauly went on tilt after that. I wouldn’t say that, but that’s what others implied. Screw’em, Pauly.

Pauly went down, leaving me and Chris. I think had him covered by about 3-1 when we went heads up. He took a few, I took a few. And then came the hand that everyoone said went WAY too fast.

I’d need the history to tell it dramatically. Suffice it to say, before the river I went all in with top pair (sevens) and a flush draw. Chris was all in with two pair. I pulled the flush on the river for…

  1. $196 Otis B Dart
  2. $140 ChrisHal
  3. $112 PaulyMcGrupp
  4. $84 STICKandMOVE
  5. $28 FeliciaLee

…the win.

Again, bragging is for the weak and I’ll chalk my win up to really good cards at the end. However, if anyone else wants to stroke my ego, there’s a comments section around here somewhere.

Now, on True Poker…

It was an interesting site and I didn’t mind playing there. However, it is really busy, with a lot on the screen and talking 3D characters (the robots scare me), etc. Still, the graphics are nice and the site seems well-run.

On the tournament side, the blinds jumped up really, really fast. A lot of good players suffered the wrath of blinds rather than the wrath of other players.

Perhaps if I can track down some hand histories i can write a better recounting of the tourney. If not, I’m sure the other better bloggers out there can take care of it.

Just remember, it’s spelled…O-T-I-S.

Okay, one piece of smack talk. There, I’m finished.