I heard this great quote from a caller on Jim Bocoran Slot Gacor sports radio show:

There’s no question Shaq has to drop 50 pounds. By the second quarter he was puffing and sweating like Dom DeLuise over a hot bowl of soup. If he doesn’t drop some weight soon by age 40 he’s going to look like Buster Douglas ate Charles Barkley.

the sports guy

I have a rule that my brother doesn’t know about… if he suggests anything more than once it’s guaranteed to be good. The Gillette Mach 3. “Scrubs”. Switching from vodka-sprite to vodka-soda. Quite a track record. The rule probably applies to other people who rarely repeat themselves, I just don’t know any. His most recent repeat-recommendation: the latest Sports Guy column on espn.com, which is absolutely hilarious. Link

…I couldn’t allow another unchallenged week for Charley Rosen on Page 2, not after his “How the Celtics could come back against the Nets” column last week. Really, this is how Page 2 replaced me as their basketball guru? The Celtics couldn’t have taken 4 games from the Nets if it was a 27-game series. If you’re not starting that column, “Suggestion No. 1: Try to knock Jason Kidd unconscious every time he drives to the basket,” why even bother?

and this gem:

+ Dirk Nowitzki …. for that goofy goatee thing. Maybe the most enjoyable facial hair on an athlete since Jeff Hostetler’s cheesy porn mustache. I’m not just asking for an episode of “The Life” that just follows Dirk and Steve Nash hitting Dallas nightspots, I’m demanding it.

The Sports Guy also wrote a great six-column series a while back on a gambling bender in Vegas. Apparently in addition to his writing skills, he’s not too bad at the poker table.

drafthouse lake creek opens today!

The Alamo Drafthouse continues its Austin expansion – yay! – and today opens the doors of Alamo Lake Creek (off 183 N, between Anderson Mill and 620). I live close to the Alamo Village but it’s good to see a local independent theater doing well. From “Drafthouse Henri”, they’re showing A Mighty Wind along with some “rare” Christopher Guest footage:

Our big ad in the Chronicle this week says the Alamo Lake Creek is the ONLY place to see A Mighty Wind, the latest from the director of Best in Show, this week. That isn’t necessarily meant to be taken literally, cause the movie is playing in a few other theaters around town, but if for some reason you decided to go to one of those other theaters, you would not see rare Christopher Guest clips while you were waiting for the feature presentation. Instead, you would see yet another message from the Foundation for a Better Life and a whole bunch of ads for Pepsi. Why would you want to see that? And who is the Foundation for a Better Life, anyway? They creep me out.